I’m Graeme, and this is my blog (3)

It’s been almost seven years since I first introduced myself on this blog, a lot has changed, so here’s a reintroduction.

I’m Graeme, and this is my blog.  I’m now 36 years old.

I’m originally from the north of England, but now live in Townsville, which is in tropical North Queensland, Australia

The beach is a few hundred meters from my front door, and a mountain a few hundred meters in the other direction, so it’s not too much of an exagerration to say that I currently live at the foot of a mountain by the sea in a tropical paradise.

In the photo shown above, my house is on the far side of the central mountain.

This is Kat (or Екатерина).

We’ve been going out for a little over 8 months now, I’m sure Kat’ll get mentioned many times in future posts.  If you’re wondering about the weird spelling of her name, she is originally Ukranian, altho has lived in Townsville since she was eleven.

I am a geek.  Altho due to the constraints of living in the hugely non-geeky Australia (They as a rule don’t even like Doctor Who!!), I don’t get up to much geekery at the moment,  I’ve been slowly revealing my inner-geek to Kat over recent months.  I’m not sure she fully understands how deeply it is ingrained in me tho.  I recently tried explaining the Doctor Who dance to her; she didn’t look impressed.

I play in a beach volleyball league on Mondays, we are a terrible terrible team, but I love it smile

I currently have an urge to become a polyglot.  I’m learning Russian, and continuing to learn German right now.  Kat (who already speaks Russian, Ukranian & English) wants me to learn French with her, so I might give that a go, see how learning three languages at once works out.

My job allows me to travel around North Queensland.  I cover (and I’m the only person covering it) an area over nine times the size of Wales, so I get to see plenty of the region, which is nice smile

Every November I visit the UK and meet up with friends and family.  This year I may be dragging Kat along for the ride, followed by a visit to Kats’ home city of Odessa in the Ukraine and then Moscow before flying back to Aus.

There are a lot of places in Australia and this part of the world that I want to explore, altho now I’m over here, I realise just how close mainland Europe was when I lived in Manchester, and how cheap and easy it was to get there.  I now have a list of European destinations I was never previously interested in but am now desperate to visit.  Typical.

In conclusion I’m a non-practising geek, living in a tropical paradise, with an awesome girlfriend.  Which is great.  But the vast majority of my closest friends, and all my family are on the exact opposite side of the world to me, they literally couldn’t be further away without space travel, which isn’t so great.

But on balance, life is definitely weighing heavily on the side of excellent.  I wanted to do a little bit of studying earlier today, so wandered down to the beach and spent a lazy few hours lay in the sun learning Russian.  I can’t really complain smile

Also I own a hammock for the first time in my life.

Plus, and perhaps most importantly, I get to see what happens in Neighbours months ahead of the Uk.

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I’m Graeme, and this is my blog (2)

This Monkeys & Pirates blog has been through periods where I’ve posted updates daily, and times when there have been many months between posts.

This is my latest attempt to get going again with a decent level of frequency.

My life has changed a lot over the past 7 years of this blog, so for my first new post I’m going to look back at my first ever post I’m Graeme, and this is my blog which introduced me on April 21 2003.

I’m Graeme, and this is my blog - 21 April 2003

Before you read any further and form your own judgements.  I am a geek, why else would I have a blog.  I roleplay, I watch buffy, I text more than I phone, I talk to friends on the internet, I play Everquest, and I buy more dvd’s than I should.

I’m also a ninja.  No, really.

Most people call me mcphee, or just phee.
The lack of capitals in my name is important, my friend Mojo claims that this has a hidden meaning, he is wrong, he often is.

I’ve started this blog because:

  • I had big plans for my website, but haven’t touched it for ages, this is a gentle way back into it.
  • My mate Pixie (recently upgraded to mate from aquaintance), and Mojo have both started their own blogs, they both make entertaining reading.  I thought I’d give it a try, if nothing else to prove that not all roleplayers lead such entertaining lives.

    That’s the basic introduction, ideally I’d update this daily, but that’s not going to happen, hence the title of the blog.

    In future blogs I’ll introduce the various cast of people in my life.
    The main characters - in alphabetical to avoid offence, are played by Claire, Lara, Mark A, Mojo and Pixie.

  • In the seven years since I wrote that, many things have changed, I live in Australia now, but since living in the UK wasn’t mentioned in the original post I’ll come back to that later.

    I’m still a geek, but I no longer roleplay (since moving to Australia I no longer have a circle of geek friends nearby, and have yet to find a workable way to roleplay online), and Buffy is no longer on the air.

    I haven’t played Everquest since World of Warcraft came out at the end of 2004.  I don’t even play WoW as much as I’d like to these days, mainly again due to being in Australia and the time difference and lag with the uk.

    I no longer buy too many dvd’s, Screenselect/loveFilm succesfully cured me of the need to buy dvd’s.

    I also haven’t been to a ninjutsu class since 2005ish.

    More people probably call me skippy than mcphee now (a WoW thing), and in Australia I either get called Graeme, or Manchester.  If I had to choose one nickname that represented me, it’d still be mcphee tho, or phee.

    Mojo and Pixie no longer blog.

    And as for the min characters in my life, Me & Claire broke up four years ago, I lost touch with Lara even before that, Mark A, Mojo & Pixie I’m still good friends with, but speak to far less than I’d like, and see them (since moving to Aus) much much less than I’d like.

    My how things have changed within the lifespan of this blog!

    Ok, that turned out to be a list of inaccuracies from blog #1, in my next post (blog #399) I’ll write a bit more about what my life is like now, rather than just listing what my life isn’t like anymore!

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    jumping the shark

    I was in Cairns for a few days with Nikki.  Last time I went to Cairns I didn’t see much other than the pubs & clubs, but this time Nikki actually wanted to do stuff during the daytime, so we signed up to scuba dive, and then skydive.

    Whilst Scuba diving, I got this photo of a shark which swam within about 12 feet of us,

    Then whilst skydiving, my parachute failed to open properly.

    True story

    Damo (the professional parachutist with me) had to fix it as we fell.  You can see in the video below that once the parachute opens, for about 5 seconds he forgets about videoing me and gives his full attention to getting the parachute working properly again!  Then says “we’re alive!”.  Brilliant!

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    fairly sure i just timetravelled

    I’m fairly sure I just timetravelled.

    I just got an email on my phone, from Eon, my electricity supplier.  It said my latest bill was online.  So I logged on and looked it up.  I went through it in detail.  I tell you this so you can be assured I didn’t imagine it.

    Then my phone beeped again.  It was an email from interflora trying to sell me flowers.  The thing is, I recognised this email, I’d received the exact same one about half an hour earlier, right before the Eon one.  I muttered to myself about Interflora spamming me, but when I looked, there was no original email from Interflora.  Nor was there an Eon one.

    Realising that it’s probable i had deleted them from my phone, I loaded up Outlook on my laptop.. no email from Eon, and just the one from Interflora.

    Seems like i received the two emails, then flashed back in time half an hour, and am now going through the process of receiving them again.  I expect the Eon one to arrive any second now.

    Am a little disappointed that in the movies timetravel usually involves high adventure, danger and excitement.  Whereas mine involved a spam email and an electricity bill.

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    the sinister sock

    Last weekend my friend Flick was home alone.  She went to bed, woke up in the morning, and found a mans black sock in the middle of her bedroom floor.

    It hadn’t been there when she went to sleep.  There was nobody else in the house.  (She did a thorough search).  There was no clue to how it got there.  It had just appeared.

    This weekend I was home alone.  Sat on the sofa watching tv, spotted something on the floor under the other sofa.  Something that hadn’t been there the million others times I’d sat there and watched tv.

    I carefully fished it out from under the sofa, using a long pole, cautious in case it was a huge spider, snake, or vampire.  It wasn’t.  It was much more terrifying…

    It hadn’t been there last time I looked, there was nobody else in the house.  There was no clue to how it got there.  It wasn’t one of mine.

    it was a mans black sock.

    There’s something sinister going on

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